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Featured Programs

Earth Expeditions

Offered by Project Dragonfly at Miami University and partners worldwide, Earth Expeditions provides participants extraordinary graduate-credit courses in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas, while advancing global understanding, community-based education, and environmental stewardship.

All workshops share a focus on the process of inquiry, including observation, uncovering questions that lead to rewarding investigations, developing predictions and action plans, gathering evidence and interpreting findings.

The Global Field Master’s Program (GFP)

The Global Field Program uses Earth Expeditions courses as the foundation for a transformative Master’s degree program that combines summer field experiences worldwide with collaborative projects via web learning communities. GFP candidates join a growing network of global leaders who work collaboratively to affect change in local and global contexts.

The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP)

The Advanced Inquiry Program in partnership with some of the nation's premier community and learning institutions have joined together to co-deliver the AIP graduate degree, linking exceptional local connections and resources with an unprecedented national partnership united through joint coursework and a common mission. AIP students take courses at a local AIP Master Institution while sharing ideas with peers and instructors nationwide via web-based learning communities for this ground-breaking graduate degree focused on inquiry-driven learning and social change.